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Dyslexia is a lifelong condition and affects 1 in 10 persons in Europe. Most people reduce dyslexia to just a reading and writing difficulty. But dyslexia is a multi-faceted problem that effects not only literacy acquisition. The main objective of DYS2GO is the provision of a range of mobile highly motivating and stimulating learning games for a carefully selected range of skills known to be important for young dyslexic adults.
Final Conference

Final Conference was a successful event with almost 300 online participants!

Final project conference took place on the 23rd of March 2021. All partner countries nominated experts from dyslexia to take speech. The participants, in the number of almost 300, had chance to hear about useful tools for diagnosis and support dyslectic persons, especially young adults and about practice and experience in European countries. DYS2GO learning games, as the main project output, were presented practically and with focus on their long-term sustainability.
More details including the presentations are availabe in the DOWNLOAD section.

Games screen

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Now you can download DYS2GO games for Android, Apple and Windows.

DYS2GO games are available here.

Final meeting

Final DYS2GO partners meeting

At the very end of the project, March the 30th 2021, all partners met on their PC screens to evaluate the final conference, share participants feedback and plan the final report. All participants were persons involved since the project had started in 2018, i.e. it was a great opportunity to discuss the project plans, progress, risks and effort given to the final outputs. And not the least also the ideas which came up during the cooperation were mentioned. The overal atmosphere was really positive as well as the final evaluation. Partners agreed to publish the final evaluation report on the website (available in DOWNLOAD section). All partners agreed to stay in touch and support the project outputs for long sustainability.

Online meeting

More online meetings

The situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic persists in the following months of project implementation. Therefore our project meetings take place online via online tools. This is a unique opportunity for all partners to use the full potential of the Internet. Scheduling online meetings was much easier than scheduling face-to-face meetings, so we took advantage of that and tried to work together on the project as much as possible. In the winter months alone, there were three meetings focused on the preparation and subsequent implementation of testing of DYS2GO educational games with the target group of teachers and students, namely 2.12.2020, 16.12.2020 and 25.01.2021.

It was very beneficial for everyone to discuss how to get in touch with the target group during pandemic restrictions and how to gather feedback. At the end of January 2021, we were already discussing the outcomes of the evaluation together.

Online meetings

Online meetings

Two of the planned project meetings couldn´t have been realized in Kaunas and Riga because of restrictions related to COVID-19 pandemia. But the project work hasn´t stopped, partners have found new ways of communication and met online 18.6.2020 and 17.9.2020.
Games development was the main topic for this period, all partners were involved in creation of the media files, story lines and then testing the games. The German partner GedonSoft has the main role as an expert for programming. The partnership of DYS2GO project is looking forward to introducing the final output soon.

Third project meeting in Ruse

Third project meeting in Ruse

For the third times partners met in the Bulgarian city Ruse in October 2019. Presentations and discussions were focused mainly on games specifications and media files development. Structure of the games were approved, partners introduced their ideas on story lines. The German partners presented the demo version of the DYS2GO application for Android and Windows. All partners provided their feedback which will be implemented in next weeks. In all partners countries first dissemination events were held, target groups are being involved into the project. When comes to planning the further project stage, partners discussed the staff training in Kaunas, which is supposed to be held in May 2020.

Second project meeting in Bremen

Second project meeting in Bremen

Beautiful city of Bremen hosted the second project meeting in DYS2GO. The final version of the first project output focused on pedagogical framework has been approved and further project stage has started. Since now the partnership will focus on learning applications development. For updated information about the developments, please, see the project website regularly.

Kick-off meeting

Kick-off meeting of project partners

All partners of the new Erasmus+ project DYS2GO met in Vienna in November 2018. The main aim was to set methods and ways leading to the project outputs. Meeting was held in beautiful atmosphere of Vienna Media School, participants shared their experience and ideas to increase the project impact. The tasks have been specified as well as the timetable and project stages. All partners left with clear ideas about their roles in the project. Next meeting is planned in Bremen in March 2019.