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Download DYS2GO games!

AndroidAndroid version

AppleiOS version

WindowsWindows version

Installation on Windows Devices

  1. If you ever have installed this game, delete the old Dys2Go App on your computer (in other case follow point two). You might find two Dys2Go directories:
    • A directory called Dys2Go in your Documents folder,
    • A Dys2Go folder that contains the app. Delete this folder.
  2. Unzip downloaded dys2go.zip to your storage. The location does not matter, but you should not unzip it to your desktop.
  3. Start the program Dys2Go.exe in the Dys2Go folder. In the following screen, select the Dsys2Go language version. The app will then download the game content from the Dys2Go server and start the game.
  4. Note: If the Dys2Go.exe program does not run, you might have to install the Visual C++ Redistributable Package. This package you can download here.

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