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  1. Pedagogical Framework: Describes the background of the project, goals, technology, methodology. Will also serve as performance/ technical specifications for the other products.
  2. Media file package: Creation and collection of images, animation, text and sounds required for the learning game apps. Languages: all partner languages and English.
  3. Game specifications: a combination of storyboard, design study and technical guide that is transferred to xml programming scripts required for the learning games.
  4. Learning Game Apps for IOS, Android, Windows Desktop, and Windows Tablets.
  5. Teachers’ guide in all languages and English. Aimed at teachers and trainers who want to use the apps in the classroom.
  6. Evaluation report
  7. Website
  8. Internal platform for project activities

O1-Pedagogical Framework

The output O1 - Pedagogical Framework serves as the starting point for later project work and products. It is meant to be the common work base of our partnership. In this respect the framework states not only the aims and objectives of the project and its products, but also the means, technologies and methods to reach these goals. All partners are involved in this common task right from the start and all partners participate in this task.

O1-Pedagogical Framework is available in English. The document contains 7 chapters:

  1. National analysis of the situation of young adult dyslexic learners in the partner countries from a learner's and teacher's point of view and a comparative analysis of the situation in the partner countries
  2. Description of transferable and adaptable elements (experience, methods, best practice, media, etc.) of former projects to mobile learning games
  3. Definition of broad (learning) goals for the planned games
  4. Pre-Selection results
  5. Proposed hardware and software requirements
  6. Overall concept for training materials, especially interactive learning designed for mobile devices
  7. General concept of user interface
  8. and 7 attachments that demonstrate the pre-selection of preferred pedagogical game types in the 7 training areas

You can download the full version here.